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Is the hardcore version of the song "Milkshake by Good night nurses or calvary guys?
Yeah just wondering, because ive tried looking it up and it comes up for both alledged artists.
While I'm already asking, who is "Toxic screamo" by? I don't want guessing, I want hard facts thnx.
goodnight nurse did the heavier version of "milkshake".
there are a lot of screamo versions of "toxic", but four bands come to mind: a static lullaby and alesana did some more recent covers, but the one you're probably thinking about might be the cover by gorge de coupe de casanova. gunzoo also did a screamo/metal cover of "toxic".

and no matter what the internet tells you, the calvary guys did not do the cover of crank dat - that was by i set my friends on fire.
How can i convince my Hardcore Christian Conservative Mom to let me join the Military? ?
She wont let me join because of the guns and stuff you know....violence?
I told her I'm going to be a Medic so I'll be saving lives and i dont have to hold a gun.. But still she refuses....she wants me to finish nursing which i think is gay....

What should i say to her to convince her that it's ok?
Simply tell her that this is your dream and you will be pursuing it whether or not she approves. It is simply that her approval is very important to you and that you want her to be proud of you. You can also mention that you feel you could make more of a difference in the world this way and this is what you feel you were put on this earth to do. In addition to which the discipline and educational opportunities will help you grow and develop as a person so that you can be better prepared to support your family and instill good values in your guyren when the time comes.

Sure this method is playing it up a little bit but it should do the trick. Having the approval of one's parents can give a bit of peace of mind. It's not about being able to do what you want. Any idiot can marry a crack wh*re that their mother doesn't approve of. Does it mean they should? Heck no. It's much better to be on the same page.

Keep in mind that mothers will always worry about their guyren and are quite often overprotective. Well in most cases. When I was accepting my commission, my mother told me to take my brother with me into the army. Go figure.
How difficult would it be to double major in nursing and fine art?
I'm a junior in high school.

I know that nursing school is hardcore. This may be a stupid question, do you think it's possible to double major, in nursing and in art?

I'm hoping to go to UF.
id be extremely difficult! im currently looking into becoming a medical artist (id basicly draw detailed pictures of anatomy observed in autopsies) and it requires you have a medical degree and a art degree. Another problem im having is finding a college where i can take classes in both... nearly impossible lol
a double major is just to much stress
id recommend going into nursing because of its high demand and then taking art after while you can work
hope i helped :D
Where can i find hardcore hentai free online thats safe?
i love hentai but i dont want to buy alot of the movies because they range from 15-30 dollars so if anyone knows a site that wont kill my labtop i would be very grateful to hear it i love hardcore hentai like everything that is crazy that can be put in a hentai i love like bible black, dark love, night shift nurses... im lookin for something free with full ep plz help me
get off the porn and do your homework.
Really sore spot on my tricep Making my arm sore and itch?
I have started physical training again, nothing hardcore but I had to stop my push ups because of this knot the size of a golf ball on my tricep. Its so sore I can barely raise my arm up in the air. It also is making the area around it itch like its going to sleep. I take pain reliever but nothing seems to help. Should I be worried? I can go see my nurse at work on Tuesday. I have done countless push ups before and have never had a problem. Please help.
Hardcore covers?
What hardcore rock covers of popular songs have you found or like???

Here are my favorites: <--- "milkshake" originally by kelis but GoodNight Nurse is performing. wayyy better. <--- "crank dat" by soulja boy. i know that pretty much every one of you knows this song and it gets on your nerves. here's a hardcore screamo version and it owns.
I wouldn't consider this hardcore, and it wasn't official, but...
Gerard Way singing Umbrella=Love.

Fall Out Boy did a great cover of Roxanne.
And Panic! At The Disco did an amazing cover of Round Here by the Counting Crows.

How is your school nurse?
What type of nurse do you have at your guy's school, is the type who sends guyren home for a stuffy nose or is she/he more hardcore and you don't get sent home unless you are puking or running a fever?

Just curious what it's like at other schools. The nurse at the middle school is really strict and she will send you back to class unless you are running a temp or show visible signs of illness like a fever, bad coughing etc...

The nurse at the elementary school is pretty easy though and if you say you don't feel well she calls the parents and says they should come get the guy.

One time my middle son was in his first year of middle school and his teacher sent him to the nurse because he didn't feel good. He didn't have a temp so the nurse sent him back to class. The teacher felt so bad for him that she emailed me to let me know he wasn't feeling good but the nurse wouldn't send him home. She was basically hinting to me that she didn't think he felt good. I ended up calling the school and I fibbed and said I needed to pick him up early because I got him a doctors appointment. Literally the second we arrived home he started puking! If not for the teacher he would have puked at school.

Then there is the nurse at our elementary school who sends every guy home if they say they don't feel good. My youngest was sent home today even though no fever. He has a stuffy nose and a little sore throat which I believe to be allergies from all the rain we just got here.

I'm sure it's hard as a school nurse to decifer if a guy is faking or is really sick but which way does your school nurse lean?
I think the reason the nurse in elementary school is more lenient because a guy that age is most likely not going to try to lie to get out of school, while as they get older and go to middle school the nurses need to be a little more strict because more guys are going to try to fake sick and leave. Then in high school it only gets worse as they get older.
Hardcore Covers?
Do you know of any hardcore/screamo/death covers of songs? It's a guilty pleasure of mine, and my list has come to include:
"Smooth Criminal" Alien Ant Farm
"Paint it Black" Black Dahlia Murder
"Low" Brokencyde
"Oops I Did it Again" Guyren of Bodom
"Crank dat Cavalry Boy" I Set My Friends on Fire
"Pop Lock and Drop It" forgot the artist's name
"Toxic" She Dies in December
"Baby Got Back" Throwdown
All the Ten Masked Men covers
"Paranoid" Megadeth
"Immigrant Song" Dark Angel
"The Sound of Silence" Heir Apparent
"Milkshake" Goodnight Nurse
"My Sharona" The Number 12 Looks Like You
"Since U Been Gone" A Day to Remember
"Tame" Song of Zarathustra
"O Fortuna" Botch
"Spongebob Squarepants" The Devil Wears Prada
"Beat It" Pierce the Veil

Know any others?
"Paint it Black" by the Agony Scene

it's better than that other cover--the break down is nice but it only sounds good LOUD.

ALSO, look into EMOCAPELLA-- they do acapella covers of emo songs if you didnt catch that from the name :)
Registered nurse....?
I read online that you only need your associates degree to be a registered nurse. I don't know what the difference is between an rn nurse and a registered one but one requires 3 to 4 years of college and the other requires 2. Now, I'm only 17, I know what I want to do with my life. I would really like to be in a professional band and sing hardcore christian music. But if that doesn't happen anytime soon I would like a really good paying job that only requires no more than 2 years of schooling, and at most 4 years. So do registered nurses only need two years of schooling? What are some more good paying jobs that require little to no schooling? Thanks for the answers.
No doubt nursing is one of the best courses to earn money. But I think one should always go for bachelors degree (4 yrs) rather than associates degree (2 yrs). No doubt bachelors degree will take more time but it will be better for you as employers don't repute associates degree much now a days. So in my opinion one should go for one thing that will benefit him/her the most even if it takes more time.
How hard is a Pharmacology course for nursing ?
I am going to be taking a Pharmacology course. It is one of the extra point courses to get accepted into the Nursing program at my school. I am just trying to figure out is this like a hardcore course that will kick your butt, or a pretty basic course ? Any help would be sooo thankful
Mostly, it's rote memorization.

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