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What do you think of the following fantasy?
I have had this fantasy a couple of times. I just wanted to know if it was weird, or what you think of it.

Basically, I am a chieftain on a Pacific island, like Tahiti. And as chieftain, one of my chiefly duties is to deflower the young virgins on their wedding night. Basically, all the nubile teens on the island have to be with me before they can marry.

Now, I'm not going to go have sex with any young teens (I'm 23), nor am I going to form some cult where I deflower the virgins. But why was this fantasy so appealing to me?

Does the taboo aspect of the fantasy make it hotter for me? Is it seeded in some fantasy where I exert power and authority? Is it because I think women from Tahiti are very attractive (my favorite book is Mutiny on the Bounty, where the sailors have sex with the Tahitian women)?

Is this a fantasy I should share with my lover some day? Maybe have her dress up in a grass skirt? Or keep it to myself?
Having something that no one else has had is appealing to almost anyone...that plus the Mutiny on the Bounty attraction makes for some interesting dreams! Ease in this fantasy with your spouse gradually and I'll bet it'll be fine.
Are UK guys 'scared' off by women aged 30+?
Is it true the rumours I've heard that men are generally a bit scared of women in their 30s? If it is true, is it because the biological clocks are ticking loudly and you think 30-somethings just want marriage and babies... NOW!? Or is it just because you prefer the young, nubile teens and 20-somethings??

I'd be very interested to know the truth about this from guys in the UK.
It doesn't matter what age you are. They are all "scared". So it doesn't matter what color, race or Country your in. They are ALL that way
What do you think of traci lords?
Well i just recently got to see two of the original traci lord's videos(the ones where she is age) and i have got to say that they were pretty amazing, yes i was aware of her age, no i am not a pedophile!!!! WHY, YOU ASK? well cuz im age too! HA! well any ways they were amazing , if you ask me for a sixteen year old she sure did know what she was doing!! So what do YOU think of traci lords? well i think she is just jaw dropping awesome(knowing she was sixteen is just mind numbing). even though I liked every minute of those vids i couldnt help but think how wrong it was seing her and adult women, and with peter north ,which caught me off gaurd!

Well on a sidenote, how the hell did they not guess she was age? well yes she had quite a bust for that age and a great body but seriously an idiot could tell that her body was still growing, i mean a main point in both vids her breasts are VERY very swollen(especially around the nipples) like a young girls growing in would be like. but really the moment i saw her i could tell she was a guy ( unlike those few pervs out there that say otherwise) and pretty nubile.(im not a perv tho just a normal teen being stupid) so what are your veiws on traci? how do you think she looked then? adult or nubile? did you like the movies or not? do you think it was wrong? ( serious answers appreciated but not a serious question so retarded ones are welcome too! and yes i know its a SUPER long question but once i get going i type a lot , when i originally decide on a two sentence question!)
I think she is/was an extremely sad and pathetic individual, and...despite all your protests to the come off as an extreme pervert.......which is all the MORE disturbing IF you actually ARE the age you claim to be. committed a matter what YOUR age was at the time of her age vids are PROHIBITED BY LAW and are classified as CHILD PORNOGRAPHY.

In conclusion, I think the reason you wrote such a long and rambling diatribe on this, is because you are such a perv, and are also probably on speed or something.

This question , by nature of it's subject, violates Terms of Service, and is now being REPORTED.

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