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What cartoon movie had a small green worm with a Mexican accent?
There was a cartoon with a small green worm, with buck teeth and an accent (which I think was Mexican)... Can't remember the title...
In Corpse Bride the maggot?
Mexican cartoon characters?
I need to know as many mexican cartoon characters as possible! Do you guys know some?

Speedy Gonzales
Mexican ice cream with pineapple cartoon?
Does anyone know what this Mexican ice cream is? It has a cartoon pineapple in the front of the carton, smallish, and pretty expensive. I didn't get it from a street vendor, I bought it from either Wal-Mart or Frys.

The color of flavor I got was brown but definitely not chocolate. It MIGHT have been brown sugar but I'm not sure.

If anyone can tell me what the name of the ice cream is and/or what flavor I had, It'd be much appreciated.
It's definitely Fried Ice-cream. It has cinnamon and little bit's of some kind of crunchy fried shell in it. I can only find Breyers fried ice cream. the carton you described sounds familiar. That's the only things that is mexican and ice cream at the same time. I'll see if I can find the actual product name for you.
Mexican cartoon character?
does anyone know anything about mexican cartoon characters? there is this spanish cartoon is on cellphone cases and stuff,and i cant remember what it is called! does anyone else know? thanks!
Cowco maybe??…

this site has a balloon with cowco on it. Google cowco as well.
Mexican music artist who does the CDs with a cartoon chicken on it?
I could've sworn the CDs were called "La Bamba", but it was long ago when I saw/heard it so I don't remember what it's called and I wanted to know. The CDs all have a cartoon chicken with a sombrero and I don't remember if there were any other articles of clothing, the music--I'm sure it's the Mexican version of Crazy Frog, because the songs are all sung in a character voice (presumably the chicken dude).
no it's susin boil's new album
What was the old guyren's cartoon with the two very funny Mexican crow characters called?
The two crows played ukuleles, smoked cigars, and drank tequila I think. Very funny stuff.
Heckle and Jeckle?


Manuel y Jose?…

Good luck in your search.
Mexican cartoon my fav. u know it?
Well i ask everyone at my school and no one knows what im saying!!!!So do u know what Cabraedios Zodeacoi is its my fav cartoon in spanish no one knows get some mexicans up here!!
do u mean Caballeros del Zodiaco? it means Zodiac Knight apparently so hope it helps=)
-not only mexicans know the answer, but also spanish.
What are some good mexican characters for pinatas?
I have a project coming up and we have to make a pinata. The pinata has to be a mexican symbol,animal,toy, or noun. I want to do a mexican cartoon character. But the only ones i know of are Speedy gonzales and dora the explorer. Does anyone know anymore? If so include name of the character and a picture will help! thanks!!!
El chavo Del Ocho

El Chavo (El Chavo del Ocho in spanish) is a Mexican television show that has gained a great amount of popularity in Latin America as well as in Spain and other countries. It focuses around the adventures and tribulations of the title character, an orphan, played by the series' creator, Roberto Gómez Bolaños, and other inhabitants of a fictional apartments building, or as called in Mexico, vecindad.

The shows traces back to June 20, 1971, where it appeared as a sketch in the "Chespirito" show, broadcast on Mexico's channel 8. In 1973, El Chavo moved to Televisa and became a weekly half-hour series. The show was cancelled in 1980, but shorts were still produced in Chespirito from that year until 1992. At its peak of popularity during the mid-1970s, El Chavo, having 350 million viewers worldwide, was the most-watched show in Mexican television. The frequent occurrence of Mexican idiomatic expressions makes El Chavo very hard to translate into other languages. An exception is the Portuguese language which is very similar to Spanish. Thus the Portuguese-spoken version of El Chavo is still very popular in Brazil, where the series is known as Chaves and is still broadcast by SBT - El chavo Del ocho

They also made a cartoon series about it :D

La Chilindrina and El chavo are the most reconized
Illegal street soccer Mexican cartoon?
There used to be a tv show in Mexico in the form of animated cartoons, it was about teenagers playing illegal street soccer, now, I'm not 100% sure the street soccer was illegal, but they were caught by the cops at one point. Anyone willing to help out finding the title of this cartoon, it's killing me.
@ ernesto I want whatever your smoking.

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