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What are some awesome masturbation methods (male)?
inb4 HAND

I just use the fist method but looking for other fun ways. Hommade sex toys are good answers too, just suggest cheap things.
MAYO. Works wonders!!
Lgbt: what are the best male masturbation methods?
any advice on really good masturbation tips and tricks. cock and anal please to get the best possible orgasm.
press ur thumb on the tip of your cock where the slit is.
rub around with lube or lotion. also, try using a towel. i heard that works great. press into the towel and push with lotion.

I do that all the time :)

hope it helps.
btw...youre cute :)
Male Masturbation Methods?
Hi, I am an 18 year old male and I love my dick, I am wondering if anyone has any tips as to what I can use to enhance my masturbation experience? Must be home made though I don't have the confidence to buy sex toys lol!
You can do it with your hand only but with lubricant. If you can't get hold of a specialized lubricant you can use baby oil or olive oil.

Also you can try caressing your balls with the tips of your fingers from time to time.

And if you're feeling adventurous you can caress your anus too. No, if you do that it doesn't mean that you're gay, no matter what other people here will say about it.

Also try this: Masturbate until you feel you're getting close to orgasm. When you feel it coming, stop and let the sensation subside. Start again and repeat as many times as you can take. When you finally can't take anymore and your body is screaming for an orgasm you let it have it.

You will have the best orgasms ever like this. Also this will teach you how to control your orgasms and last as long as you want.

Just be careful. No matter what method you use to masturbate, make sure everything is clean. wash objects and hands well before and after use.
Male Masturbation methods?
so i was wondering what some good "household items" are good for male masurbation. If you could just tell me wat item and how to use it would be great thanks
Hey Chris,

get a banana, eat it. place skin in warm water for like 10 minutes. the skin is now really warm and moist. GO FOR IT! Best han' Job ever.
What is the best method for solo male masturbation?
Tools, finger, etc., what? I want longest and most sensational. What is the best way to go at it?
advanced masturbation is the best
Interesting ways of male masturbation?
I've got sick of the usual closed fist...any other methods?
get a bug vibrator and rub it against ur dick. :)
Any tips or suggestions on male masturbation?
some safe or clean methods
Do it behind a closed door, in your bed when you have complete privacy. Make sure you have little chance to be interrupted. Relax. Take off your underwear. Keep a couple of sheets of paper towel next to you in bed. When you feel yourself getting close grab a sheet with your free hand.

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