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Where could i find hot middle school girls?
I am in Middle School and i go to an all boys school. so was wondering where could i find hot girls that are in middle school.
What is hot to middle school girls?
All these girls at my school are like that persons so hot... No me. I was just wondering what is a generalization of hot guys to middle school girls. And I don't think I'm bad looking. One of the better looking faces in my 7th grade. Yet I don't think girls think I'm hot....... Why not what is hot?
Middle school girls tend to be really immature, i wouldn't get worked up over what they think is attractive because most of the time it actually isn't. For example, Axe body spray does not smell good, but middle schoolers tend to love it. Be yourself and once the girls mature i'm sure they will like you more.
Where can i find hot middle school girls?
i dont know any hot middle schools. Do you? Feel free to send me pics, send me links wutever. at . By the way I'm a 15 y/o freshman in case you were wondering
You are a high school student? Then why in the world are you interested in middle school girls? Some of them are 12 years old!
They are not old enough to be hot. They shouldn't be, or try to be.
Not a smart move to give out your email address.
Where can I find hot middle school girls?
I don't know any hot middle schools. Do you? Feel free to send me pics, send me links wutever. at . By the way I'm a 15 y/o freshman in case you were wondering
how about.... get a life
What kind of clothes specificly do middle school girls think are hot for a middle school guy to wear?
I'm trying to become 99.9% irrisistable.
I think you should find your own style and be unique, or whatever suites your musical interests or personality. You will look fake following a stereotype. Let your personality shine through and express it with your wardrobe to make the girls notice you.
What kind of girls do middle school guys think are "hot"?
Like clothing, hair, face.

I HATE how I look, and Ive suffered from anorexia. I am 13. But a few guys in my middle school think Im hot. Am I not as ugly as I see myself, or do they still think ugly girls are hot? :/
Here's the thing.
Guys in middle school aren't really "mature"
so basically anyone they see with big boobs & a big a__ they'll probably think is hot
or if you're really skinny like a model.
Don't worry you'll meet someone later in life that will like you for you :)
Why do all the hot girls in middle school hang out with the punks?
The thing is that the girl I like is always hanging out with these other dudes that are totally impolite and are punks. And my friend hangs out with girls but he is not a punk, but he is still accepted into the punk groups.
It's middle school.........
How many hot girls are in high school compared to middle school?
I am from a private school going to a public high school next year. There was only one 8th grade class with 20 guys. The high school has about 2100......what are the chances for me finding "the one"? also......when you went to high school how many hot girls were there?
chances of u finding the one are very little chances of u meeting a hot girl are 9 out of 10 there are usually the real smart ones or one of the cheer leaders
For middle school girls only. is it hot for guys same age to wear thongs?
I love to wear thongs and jockstraps but i wanted to know if u think its hot to wear them. you have to like straight guys and do u think its gay but im not gay. what do u think. should i wear something else or i also like cammando. i dont wear them to school if my friends or other guys might find out i would get a lot of **** but is it hot
theres nothing wrong with wearing thongs, your fine and not gay

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