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Who else hates to see cigarette butts on the beach?
... and everywhere else for that matter?

I think all those people who throw their cigarette butts on the ground should be beaten until the donkey comes back from the creek. If you ask them, they will say they are patriots, nationalist or something, but these nationalists have no qualms about polluting nature and cities. What to do about them?
I know. I don't like it when I come out of the water and have a cigarette butt stick to my foot, or any other body part for that matter. One time I was sleeping and had one stick to my hair. Another time I was drinking from my water bottle and there was one on the bottle too. Those things are so annoying :-(
Is it okay to check out girl's butts at the beach, it it illegal or anything?
i dont want to get busted just wondering
Man....I dont know how to begin to answer this, but I will.

YOURE A MAN. Its your God given right as a man to do such. NO, its not illegal. Do you think girls dress that way to attract the fish? Heck NO. I love women and think they are truly the things given to mankind besides cars and guitars.
What are some good colleges on the beach in the southeast?
I graduated from UT-Austin with a 4.0 in English. I'm looking for a decent graduate school near the beach; yeah, yeah - location isn't the most important thing to look for in a school... but living by the beach kicks butt.
Yah yah, i know.. it's not the southeast.. but why not Hawaii Pacific University in Honolulu? an hour bus ride to any of the top beaches in the world. and the weather- 80's all year- can't be beat. oh ya, and neither can the women. did i mention the diversity? and how everyone is super friendly? yah, it's great.
I want my butt to look good at the beach before spring break? my spring break is march 28th and i am going to the beach. i want my butt to look good in my bikini, any tips, excersises? my butt is kinda disproportional to my body, it doesn't look so appealing.
i would do research on butt toning exercises to make it perky. there are free video clips all over the web for different exercise. if you have a lot of fat, you will need to do cardio to trim fat all over your body. you can't spot reduce fat, unfortunately, without resorting to lipo.

cut back on starchy foods and animal fats. not eliminate, just cut back.

good luck
Has anybody seen this exercise video "Big Butts hit the beach"?
I just wanted to see if anybody saw it. My mom directed it and produced it, so I want to see if anybody remembers the video from 2001.
Yeah, I remember those big butts bouncing up and down. Pretty big butty if you ask me.
Trying to tone up legs and butt for beach season?
I'm 5'3" and i weigh 115 pounds, i dont need to lose any weight but i would like to tone up my legs and butt for summer. My thighs are flabby and touch when im standing or walking, but my doctor told me i dont need to lose weight because im already under weight for what im supposed to be for my age (im 19) so what could i do to tone up my legs and butt?
Jumping Jacks, Squats, Leg Dips, Hese Work Splendidly, Do 4 sets Of 50 squats, And If you think you can do more then do that :)
How to cover up bubble butt on a beach?
how to cover up bubble butt on a beach? well i'm a guy with a bubble butt, and i'm only gonna be wearing shorts, how can i cover my bubble butt or atleast make it less obvious?
I guess you can say I have a bit of one. There was a phase in my life when I was a bit embarrassed by it. My fathers genes, sports, and weightlifting don't help. But after Iv'e been told that I have a cute butt multiple times and some girl actually slapped it while I was in line for a concert, well I've come to embrace that bad boy, haha.
Are you enjoying all those wonderful female beach volleyball butt shots that Yahoo seems so fond of showing?
That is a cameraman who knows how to get the right angle.

What the hell is my Yahoo hiding from me?
He proceeds to go tot he Yahoo homepage and look for the sports section.

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