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Takeshi Kaneshiro vs Ed Speleers vs Josh Duhamel vs random asian guy, who, looks better?
Takeshi Kaneshiro:…

Ed Speleers:…

Josh Duhamel:…

The other asian guy (still a teen): (password: abc123doremi)…

rate them all xxx/100, thanks :)
or rank them, from good looking to least good looking

josh duhamel!!! ed speleers looks to gay for me and the last asian guy looks like a little guy with fat cheeks. my second choice would be Takeshi Kaneshiro, but josh duhamel is soo hot!

edit: oh sorry i didnt see the rank them part so ill rank them now. first Josh Duhamel, Takeshi Kaneshiro, ed speleers, and the other asian guy. and on a scale from 1-10 Josh Duhamel gets a 10 for sure, Takeshi Kaneshiro gets a 7? maybe a 8? ed speleers gets a 4 or 5, and the other asian guy gets a 2 or 3 :D
Side swept bangs or should I continue doing a messy spike?
What should be my new hairstyle. For the past 2 months I've been doing a messy spike. My hair is to short right now for side swept bangs but I could grow it out. I go to the salon to get my haircut anyway to getting it cut that way is not a problem at all.

I have a round face and I'm asian.

Messy spike:…

Side Swept Bangs…
Both haircuts are attractive, but if your hair is the thickness that it is, being Asian and all, you should have a side swept bang, your hair will look gorgeous. You must, however, make sure that you don't grow your hair out too long, as it will effectively bring out the roundness in your face.
Is this a good plot for a book?
Ok I want to write a teen drama series about a group of college students at Old Orchard Beach University, Maine. These are the characters and their problems. I know it's kinda long, but please be kind and read the entire passage because I really need some feedback. Here we go:

-Phoebe Taylor-Lowe:
An uptight girl who always makes good grades and basically has no friends except her parents and 4 siblings. Phoebe usually freaks out if she gets a grade below A. She has dark hair that falls across her shoulders and has deep, brown eyes. Phoebe has a full ride to Old Orchard Beach University. But will one wrong, alcoholic decision ruin her life?
-Ace Compton:
a ladies man who always gets what he wants. He won 50,000 dollars on the lottery last summer. He is dating about 3 girls at once and he has many friends. Ace has sandy blonde hair with captivating green eyes. Will a rumor and a shocker from his girlfriends cause Ace's world to come crashing down?
-Kimmy Chung:
a Asian girl who's very artistic and creative. She hopes to one day see her artwork in Old Orchard Beach Gallery. Kimmy has created many paintings, drawings, and sculptures. With shoulder-length black hair and black eyes, she is very pretty. But will a jealous rival artist dash Kimmy's hopes of success.
-Alexandria Gomez:
A Mexican partyer who always drinks her problems and troubles away. She is often judged by others since she is kinda poor and no one really knows how she got into a prestigious school like Old Orchard. Alexandria has very long black/ brown hair with hazel eyes.When her secret of how she got accepted comes out, will Alexandria have to trun away from Old Orchard Beach forever?
-Dakota Lynley:
an inspiring Canadian guitarist who is very laid back and calm. He is often alone, his theory that other teens have too much drama. Dakota has muddy-brown hair that he likes to flip around. When Dakota meets a chance to become a big star, will he be too gullible to see the scheme that might destroy his hopes?
-Bree Tanner:
the basic "It" girl who guys drool over and has friends who walk through the campus in an intimidating line. She has caramel-colored skin with wavy chestnut hair. She always has the latest designer clothes but no one understands how she gets the money. Bree's secret career just might send her reputation up into flames.
-Tucker Minks:
an excellent soccer player who attends Old Orchard on a soccer scholarship. He eats and sleeps soccer. Tucker's dorm room walls are covered with the best soccer players of the 21st century. He has black hair with blue eyes. But will an injury practically cost him his scholarship?
-Ruthie Adams:
a Christian girl who always carries a tiny bible in her purse and who wears a necklace with a cross on it. Ruthie wears glasses that only makes her prettier. She has straight brown hair that is usually in a ponytail with black eyes. When she meets her roomate who is completely goth and worships the Devil, her strength to hold on to her blessed religion will be put to the test.
-Beau Pennington:
a seemingly well-kept boy who has calm orange hair and brown eyes. His parents are divorced but he usually tries to hide that part of his life, even though it kills him inside. He dreams of becoming an architect soo he can design his ill grandman a new home. But will his sickness and troubles of his family endanger the people of Old Orchard?
-Hayden Parker:
the girl who everyone thinks is the stereotypical blonde who knows nothing. But she's smarter than everyone least she hopes she is. Hayden has long blonde hair with grey eyes. She has always lived in the shadows of her two older, successful sisters, who became a lawyer and surgeon. Hayden usually does anything to be accepted as smart. But how long can she keep her secret of success?
-Austin McCall:
an African-American boy who is very intelligent and who wants to be the first in his family to graduate. All he wants to do is bring his family happiness and success, by making good grades and playing many sports. But will racism shoot down all of Austin's hard work?
-Tessa St. Peters:
a sweet and innocent girl who tries to pass all of her parents' harsh, strict rules. But her parents are never home, so Tessa spends most nights alone, usually having to cook for herself. Tessa has red hair with big green eyes. She's also very fluent in French, Spanish, and German. But how far will Tessa go to steal her parents' attention.

Ok everyone. Tell me what you think of these characters and you can tell me which one is your favorite. Please and Thank you!
Wow, very nicely done. I'll be looking forward to seeing these characters in a screen play. This would make such a great nighttime serial, Book,serial , movie. Great characters all the way.

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